The Education Department serves to help fulfill the mandate to teach the gospel to all nations. 


Whether young or old, new believe in Christ or seasoned warrior the Education Department is to help encourage learning, growth, faith, wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God.


Through several methods we seek to create a learning environment that is engaging and exciting concerning discipleship and everyday life. 

Elder Dana Smith

Media & Marketing Ministry

Marketing and communications at God First Breakthrough Ministries, including building marketing and communications strategies and plans, leading and implementing marketing and communications projects, and managing the God First Breakthrough Ministries brand.

Elder Natasha Johnson

Singles Ministry

To exhort single men and women to value themselves and their relationship with God.  To develop themselves by using the word of God in order to be whole, free and satisfied in their singleness.  Not conforming to the world’s standards, but allowing God to navigate their life’s path

Elder Veronica Huddleston


We demonstrate the love of Christ to our guests and members in such a way that they would be transform from strangers into friends.


That we would build the kingdom of God thru the exhibition of his love; that we have for one another in this community. 


Established to create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement for everyone who enters the church, through a warm friendly welcome, and providing knowledgeable information about the church.

Elder Tasaday Roberts

Music Ministry

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we purpose to lead the congregation at hand in true worship. 


 We emphasize that our purpose and calling is that of leading others into the very presence of the Living God, to destroy boundaries of the hearts and oppression of God’s people.  It is our desire that by being in the presence of God that your praise and worship life will never be the same.

Elder Ja'net Lovelace

Women's Ministry

To encourage, empower and uplift every woman in every way possible so they can be a light and example to others.  And to evangelize to women within the Atlanta metro area, U. S. and across the globe.

Elder Veronica Huddleston

Kadosh Dance Ministry

The purpose of the dance ministry is to enhance the worship experience.  We are called to “show forth the praises of Him that has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).  We are worshipers first and foremost.  We are worshipers that Dance. 

Sis. Carol Hardy

Entrepreneurs Ministry (GEMS)

The vision of the GFBM Entrepreneurs Ministries (GEMS) is to provide an incubator for business owners to network and develop new skills while collaborating with other business owners.  We will create learning opportunities and support kingdom initiatives while promoting integrity and financial empowerment.

Elder Natasha Johnson

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry serves the calling to equip our youth to learn, grow and walk into what God has called them to be. We believe purpose and success does not happen over night. Our goal is to develop young leaders that represent the Kingdom of God for today and tomorrow. To blaze a trail for others to see what Christ can do at a young age

Min. Dana Smith

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